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5 ways to relax at home

5 ways to relax at home

Winter encourages us all to slow down and spend more time taking stock of what makes us happy. The easiest way to resist those winter blues is by taking dedicated time to unwind and do things we enjoy and help to restore us at home. 

We understand sometimes it’s hard to find time to prioritise rest and relaxation. In our modern world we are always on the go and just stopping to pause and enjoy the moment often falls to the bottom of the priority list. Without giving our minds and body the rest it needs, stress builds up and we need to let it go somehow. 

At Slouchy, we believe making time for well-deserved rest in optimum comfort and prioritising relaxation time is paramount to wellbeing. This is why we’ve created our luxurious super-soft design to give you the ultimate wardrobe accessory to compliment your style in these moments.  Slouchy is about investing in yourself and prioritising wellbeing by enhancing comfort anywhere. 

We’ve compiled 5 quick ways to get into the slouchy mindset and relax.


1 – Reading

Reading can be hard to make time for in our hectic lives, simply because we don’t prioritise it. But there are few simple pleasures better than getting lost in a good book. So we encourage you to make time. Throw on your favourite Slouchy item and snuggle down with a cup of tea and a good book. Heaven!

2— Home Spa 

If a staycation or trip to the spa seems a distant memory, why don’t you create your own spa day at home? Have a long, hot bubble bath with a scented candle. Followed by a facial at home using your favourite products. The idea is to slow down and unwind, so take your time and focus on the experience. Fresh from the bath is the time to get cosy and warm in your Slouchy and get ready for a great night’s sleep. 

3— Switch Off 

When spending more time at home, our phones offer a great resource to speak with friends and connect online with others. Social connection is important and a calming aspect to our lives but be wary of your screen time over the course of the day. Too much screen time can add to stress and stimulation overload. Switch your phone off and take a purposeful digital detox one evening. 

4— Get Creative 

Whether it’s an existing hobby or something you want to start, more time at home is the best time to start that long awaited passion you hold - but never have the time to start. Take the opportunity to tap into your creative side and see what you enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it’s art, baking or making music. Experiment and find something that immerses you and takes your mind away. 

5 — Get Comfortable 

Try and have dedicated clothing for work and leisure. Create different outfits for different modes - have boundaries to separate your work and home life. If you have a distinction between what you wear to work and what you wear in the comfort of your own home it will help you switch off and relax. Put on your Slouchy made from the soft, comforting fabric and leave your never ending to-do list until tomorrow. It will still be there - trust us, but after a good quality positive rest in your Slouchy it will look much more manageable.