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Baby it's cold outside

Baby it's cold outside

As the colder months and long nights draw in, we find ourselves spending more and more time at home. Here at Slouchy HQ we welcome the changing seasons and embrace the chance to stay at home relaxing and spending time with loved ones. With winter suddenly on our doorstep and as the first frost arrives, so too does our desire for comfort and warmth, especially in what we choose to wear and unwind in at home. To us, there is nothing like arriving home after a long day, from an seemingly even longer commute and slipping into comfortable, warm loungewear once you’re through the door. 


This is where the idea for Slouchy was born. We wanted to create a luxury piece of loungewear that delivers all your comfort needs anytime, anywhere, all in one beautiful item. It’s why we’ve created the perfect wardrobe staple for you and your loved ones to wrap up warm in whilst lounging around the house. 


Slouchy has been designed for those beloved days savoured at home. It’s the perfect item to wear whilst enjoying a steaming cup of hot chocolate in front of an open fire. Or enjoying a rainy day inside snuggled in your favourite Slouchy as you read a book by the window. Or evenings in with the girls in our cosy matching slouchy sets. Or dedicated family time watching box-sets or your favourite series. We’ve made comfortable loungewear accessible to all and believe that slouchy is the perfect companion for your cosy night in. You will not want to take it off. It’s easy to wear, relaxed fit and flattering shape in super-soft fabrics makes it the perfect garment to settle into as you take time out to rest and relax at home.

At Slouchy we believe in slowing down and snuggling up, for some dedicated alone time or shared time with loved ones in our slouchy family pack. We make putting on cosy and soft loungewear a daily luxury and wearing our super-soft designs creates pleasure in the simplest of moments. Our pull-over soft wearable blanket is the easiest single item ensemble to wear around the house if you just want to look great and feel comfortable with minimal effort. 

Slouchy is above all a brand that offers ultimate comfort and luxury at home ,encouraging dedicated time to make relaxation and comfort a priority. Slouchy is for those who work hard, play hard and want to relax to the max. 

So choose your favourite slouchy design to snuggle up in and hibernate with us this winter.