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Slouchy makes great box-set office !

Slouchy makes great box-set office !

As the winter evenings draw in, what better way to keep out the cold than by curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, your favourite Slouchy and one of these great TV boxsets ?

Here at Slouchy Towers, we all have our favourites – what’s yours ?




The team agree ; Succession is one of the best TV shows on the planet right now. All the characters are deeply unlikeable and are strangely akin to the modern Murdoch media family. Black comedy at its best.



Keeping with the corporate theme, Billions takes the seemingly impenetrable world of financial trading and somehow turns it into several seasons of compelling drama. The main protagonists are well drawn, and their contact machinations make for hours of enjoyable viewing.


The Americans

A spy sitcom ? Yes really. The Americans is a  Cold War-era series about a husband and wife who seem like regular middle-Americans but are really Russian spies. Its the espionage thriller/family drama crossover you never knew you needed. Some dodgy 80’s fashion to enjoy as a bonus



Seemingly timeless schmaltz. Do any of these people have a job ? Will they tire of the décor ?  Questions you won’t get answered but who cares… a classic.


The Simpsons

One for all  the family. The satire is biting throughout every season and some of the characters are, er, literally well drawn.