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Some frequently asked questions about our Slouchies

Questions about our wearable hoodies

Our wearable hoodies are flying out of the door, and to help make your mind up about whether or not to get one, here's a few of the most asked questions - answered!

" Are they big enough for my partner, as he's quite tall ?"

All our Slouchies are 6XL, meaning that they will fit (almost) everyone. Just to prove it, here's a 6 foot bloke we found in the office :)

Tall man in Slouchy
"I have a big family and need 5 Slouchies. Your Family bundle only has 4 - can I get another at the same price?"
Yes of course. Simply email us at and we'll be happy to give you a code to get all 5 for £38.
"Whats the best way of cleaning my Slouchy ?"
Your Slouchy is made from ultra-soft fleece.  For best results, machine cold wash using mild detergents or handwash. Do not mix with colours. Do not tumble dry or iron.
"When should I expect delivery of my Slouchy?"
We're getting delivery of our hoodie blankets on the 20th November so will be shipping them out to you straight after that.
"If I have any more questions, how do I get in touch with you ?"
The Slouchy team can be contacted Monday – Friday 9am -5pm by email we will endeavour to respond with 24 hours.