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Spring 2023 - Daywear Launch

Spring 2023 - Daywear Launch

Happy Spring Everyone!

Isn't it wonderful when finally we get some sun and we are nearing summer. Its been a long and cold winter, so we are thankful we can now debut our new Daywear Range.

Last year we exhibited at over 20 events - in fields, in exhibition halls, at festivals, including Glastonbury and we met so many wonderful people. Again and again we were asked for daywear, so finally, with a lot of hard work behind the scenes we have our first collection in our very  own slouchy style.

It has been a journey for us, as the two women in the business - Charlotte, and I, are at two very different ends of the size spectrum. Charlotte is 5ft 10' and I'm 5ft 2'. Charlotte is in her mid 20's and I'm menopausal!  (age you can guess). So to be able to design our first collection it had to work for both of us and be worn in different ways.

So our checklist looked like this -  

a) must be comfortable

b) relaxed styling 

c) high quality, breathable fabrics

d) must have  petite and tall sizing

It's incredible to think  that the average height for a woman in the UK is 5ft 4' yet it is really hard to find leg lengths that fit.

So for all you ladies out there, who struggle with sizes, Slouchy is here to help.

We hope you love our first collection and we would love to get your feedback.