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We Have the Ultimate Camping Accessories for You!

We Have the Ultimate Camping Accessories for You!


Do you have a camping trip planned this year? Last year, a lot of people enjoyed their stay-cations. And we have the ultimate accessories for your camping trips this year – Slouchy Hoodie Blankets and Change Robes.


And here is why they will improve your camping trip and protect you from the elements!

Change Robes and Camping...

  • Shower block – less things to carry there and a whole lot easier when you get out the shower! Just throw on and change back at your own tent.
  • It always gets chillier in the evening. Cosy up and keep dry in a Change Robe.
  • Heading to the beach, or going to be doing some water sports? Well a Change Robe is the ultimate cover up afterwards, wicking away moisture and keeping you warm and dry.


Hoodie Blankets and Camping..

  • It is always colder at night then you think it will be! The hoodie blankets keep you cosy whilst sitting out at night.
  • Often when camping you wake up cold. Wear your hoodie blanket at night and this will not happen!
  • Hoodie blankets are also great as a cover up when you get out of the sea!


We have so many colours and prints to choose from across our Adult and Children ranges. Shop now and get ready for a wonderful time outdoors!


See you in the field, 

Team Slouchy x