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Sleepy Tee - Koala

Meet our Koala Sleepy Tee - soft, ergonomic and super comfy!

The Slouchy Sleepy Tees are perfect for napping after a hard day at work, sitting on the sofa watching TV or curled up with a book . Very stretchy, very soft and very roomy. 

Made from the softest bamboo fibres and elastane, this unique fabric feels great to wear all year round. It's breathable, soft and super comfortable. We've even added pockets so you can keep your hands cosy, or great for putting your phone in.

One size fits all! The Sleepy tee is super sized, measuring 85cm long (measured from the neckline to hem) and 95cm wide. And with the stretchiness of the fabric there is plenty of room to cosy up!

£25.00 GBP £59.00 GBP